Bike Bus has put in place a COVID 19 protocol so that we can safely serve you at our rental shop in the best possible way. These conditions may change though, as the situation evolves. 
We will be actively limiting the number of clients at the Bike Bus shop so that we can respect the proper distance between everyone. You can contact us by telephone or by email for more information, but we will insist on you reserving your bike hire online, at least 12h ahead, at www.bike-bus.com
When you arrive at Bike Bus, you will be required to disinfect your hands using the Hydro-Alcoholic Gel as provided (with foot pump).
Facemasks aren’t obligatory unless you are showing symptoms of COVID 19, but you must keep a distance of 1m between you and other groups.
All dealings with Bike Bus will take place in front of the buildings so there is no need to enter any buildings.
All our bikes, helmets and accessories have been and will regularly be, disinfected properly. 
Our route-cards are yours to keep during and after your rental. They have a map of the route, turn by turn photos, and a bunch of things to do on the circuit (free advertising for them – yay ! )
Your advance reservation allows us to have your bikes already prepared for you. on arrival, we only need to know your booking name, and take a copy of your ID card. In this way, we can reduce queuing times, and provide a speedy and efficient service for you with a minimum of interaction. (which is a shame because that’s the part I liked best !! )
All our bikes are equipped with SLIME inner tubes meaning punctures are nearly a thing of the past. In the event of a puncture with self repair, there may still be some loss of pressure and so we will provide each group with one pump.
All our bikes are checked, cleaned and disinfected thoroughly before and after each rental, but being simple machines, this won’t prevent them from sometimes suffering small malfunctions (gears, brakes, or other way more technical stuff). Fortunately, Bike Bus is only a phone call away. We can either talk you through a solution over the phone (quickie), or we can come out to your rescue (less quickie). The mobile assistance will be performed under the same protocol rules as practiced at the Bike Bus shop.
Thank you for your comprehension, don’t forget to reserve your bikes online (its cheaper online anyway) and happy riding …